Has COVID had an impact on you and your loved ones? We understand and are here for you!

HOw has covid effected you and those that matter to you the most?

Anxiety, depression, grief, heartache, frustration. These are all emotions we can all agree are at the center of these uncertain times in our world today. We may be unsure of what to believe, where to turn, or who simply who to talk to. We understand because we are living through this with you and we care! This is why we have made it easy to access some resources you may find helpful for you and your loved ones to cope with these challenges!

What’s the latest COVID-19 news anyway?

It’s good for each of us to have the resources we need to stay informed on the latest updates from the CDC website directly. You can learn of the latest information about COVID-19 such as the case numbers by state so you can research your own region to obtain the latest in the rise/fall of case numbers. You can click the link below and you’ll be redirected to the CDC’s website with the latest and greatest updates. 

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